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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wearable technology Metapro Space glassess

hover_share Metapro-space-glass
Space Glasses its work is the same as it name indicates. Space glasses are sort of glasses that when put on everything around you turns into 3D, stereoscopic and transparent vision and you can control your laptops, tablets, and Iphones, and those laptops and phone can be made as large as you wish to have.
Get access to anything inside your mobile or digital devices just by wearing this Glasses and from a lot more space you can perform any of your computing task. With a pure digital precise 3D sound around you, Plus supreme quality Depth Camera. A comfortable and enjoyable way of computing with this premium HD, 3D vision and sound glasses. In Addition, it has an adorable option and superb feature that is called ZEROui. This powerful and advanced technology allows your imagination and visualization to break the limits and bounds. Whatever you have in mind like, any idea or creativity illustrate it with ZEROui technology and give it a live shape in real life. Here is the live Space Glasses experience in a shape of video clip.

Experience the computing with sapceglasses from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

Experience the computing with sapceglasses by Mydreamistechnology

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