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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fin advanced gesture-based thumb wearable


In the era of this advanced technology, nothing has left behind. We are living in an era where we have the opportunity to have wearable products that are not only just a fashionable but now aid you to stay up to date and use and manage your computer and other social activities right from your thumb. yeah there is something wearable released that has the power to make your thumb a controller of your mobile and home automation. Fin is not only a revolution in technology, but also an alternation of the way we communicate with our handy gadgets these days. Below I'm demonstrating what is Fin and how it works? read on to know and watch the video as well to check out Fin in action and get the real idea behind how powerful and useful fin is?

What is Fin?

Fin is a tiny wearable ring that is designed to be worn in a thumb. developed by the company IndieGoGo. Well, it is not just an ordinary ring that we wear. But it's really a magical ring that has all hardware components hidden inside this gorgeous looking outer form. When a user wear this he get a power and control over his smartphones and other electronic devices. Whether it is your cell phone. T.V or any other wearable product all of those tech-gadgets can be managed via this small wonderful wearable. Who knew? that in the future we would have such advanced shortcut that would make our life so convenient.Thankfully fin has solved that problem of tiring interaction with the touches and tap. Since this amazing technology has arrived we no more have to take the hindrance of interacting or communicating stressfully. This ring-shaped wearable gadget can be connected upto three different devices as aforementioned. Including smartphones, cars, radios, and smart T.V so its can be given a name of multi-devices and OS compatibility like top and majors are IOS, Android and Windows. And all of these functionality is made possible by using the built-in Bluetooth Low energy 4.0 technology.


Configuration And Customization: 

How configurable and customizable Fin is? This can be understood by this that it is come up with an app through which one can create their custom ones as well. Fin has its own five unique and pre-programmed gestures. As an example of how these gestures detects. If you want to turn down the volume of your smartphone just swipe your index finger across your thumb and to turn it back up just swipe back up across the finger and that's all How easy is that. isn't it? This portable and handy gadget can aid you to control and manage your T.V functionality right from your thumb.In addition to this Sending texts. dialing phone numbers, sharing and transferring files, and taking photos also becomes quite easier with this. The team of this wonderful gadget has said, that it has also an aid  for visually impaired people to interact with technology smoothly and conveniently. The rechargeable battery is claimed to be long lasting said by the developers. that once it is charged then it will last up to the whole month if used only for 8 hours a day. And if completely drained then, can be recharged via Micro-USB port. The exterior of the ring is very durable, water resistant and dust proof.


  • Made with skin friendly material.
  • Water proof and dust proof.
  • Long lasting Battery life.
  • Highly featured and configurable.
  • Multi-device and OS compatabililty.


  • According to my research I haven't seen or heard of any shortcomings or sort of downside founds in Fin. 

Fin advanced gesture-based thumb wearable from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

Fin advanced gesture-based thumb wearable by Mydreamistechnology

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Space glasses with augmented reality technology

Meta space glasses the augmented reality technology company has beaten the Google glasses in terms of features and availability of 3D and virtual designing. In a format of eyewear computer with the interactive 3d environment around you. Now anyone can be a creative designer with Meta's ZeroUI technology enables the wearer to shape up objects virtually in real-time 3D space.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ringly notifies wearer the way smartwatch can't

hover_share Ringly-better-notifier-than-smartwatch
Ringly the new revolution in the field of wearable technology. Its another brilliant looking Ring that is both fashionable and high-tech wearable But this one is mainly designed for women only. You have seen there have been many wearable devices unveiled. Many of them are in unisex form. But not all these techy devices suits women. So the CEO and co-founder of Ringly Christina Mercando throw the idea of bringing important calls and messages notifications at your finger ring. She and their co-workers have designed Ringly particularly for ladies. Now ladies you no longer get a tension of missing your important calls and texts that you had to, because at that moment their bulky smart phones was laying in the bottom of your bag and what is frustrating yo. That's was the situation that the developers of Ringly kept in mind while developing this to sort out the problem. This amazingly problem solving designed Ringly is a blended of both fashion and technology. Not only look wise elegant but very feature able and useful too.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Google Glass Review And Specs


The most awaited wearable project has now released and unveiled by the most renowned company Google. Augmented reality display in a smart eyewear that is Google Glass. What features and specs glass has read on to find out. A hands on review with video presentation.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bluetooth Ring gives complete control over smart devices

hover_share Bluetooth-Ring
You guys may have already seen the ring technology, that tell the time and send notifications and alerts when messages and emails received from the smartphones, But this ring has much more than just these features. Another smart wearable device in a form of adorable ring that can let you do pretty much everything.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Smarty ring elegant wearable gadget

hover_share Smarty-ring-gadget
There have been many gadgets released and launched. Even several tech gadgets are still expected to come in markets. This developing process is in progress and certainly will continue in the future as well.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tabletop computer technology

hover_share Tabletop-com-tech
The existing technology has prepared exciting new and top futuristic multi-touch computer that will be tabletop surface interface. With this awesome scientifically designed technical-based tabletop computer you can do anything just by sitting near this computer and touching or tapping to perform general or special tasks.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Google technology future plans

hover_share Google-technology
Google the most popular, famous and the world's best search engines. As everyone knows about google's features and updates, what google does and how much google have for us? It is known that google keeps updating it's features and properties but, what about future?