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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ringly notifies wearer the way smartwatch can't

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Ringly the new revolution in the field of wearable technology. Its another brilliant looking Ring that is both fashionable and high-tech wearable But this one is mainly designed for women only. You have seen there have been many wearable devices unveiled. Many of them are in unisex form. But not all these techy devices suits women. So the CEO and co-founder of Ringly Christina Mercando throw the idea of bringing important calls and messages notifications at your finger ring. She and their co-workers have designed Ringly particularly for ladies. Now ladies you no longer get a tension of missing your important calls and texts that you had to, because at that moment their bulky smart phones was laying in the bottom of your bag and what is frustrating yo. That's was the situation that the developers of Ringly kept in mind while developing this to sort out the problem. This amazingly problem solving designed Ringly is a blended of both fashion and technology. Not only look wise elegant but very feature able and useful too.

Ringly notifies wearer the way smart watches can't from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

Founder and chief officer of Ringly says, That I was always missing my important calls and text arriving on my phone due to the reason of tucking away my phone in the bottom of my purse. And it was very frustrating to get interrupted keeping phones on the table during meetings or at restaurants. Because I usually like to wear big rings. One day I was looking down at my ring and at that moment I thought there should be a better way. If I could put some technology inside a ring that would sort out the problem of many women out there. That was the situation made me to think of finding a helpful solution. Eventually, I came up with the brilliant idea of inventing a ring with both stylish look and such technology. And that how Ringly came into being.

Before the launch of this smart jewellery there have numerous highly advanced technical rings already won so many of hearts who helped out by these smart techy and stylish jewelry accessories. Such rings like Smarty Ring is Bluetooth technology Ring that enables wearers to have smart phone notifications and social without touching their phones, In addition it displays accurate time straight to their finger. Bluetooth-enabled Ring is another impressive Gesture recognition technology which once worn on index finger gives you ability to get access to music, camera and your massages and email all by drawing a dedicated gesture mark. Plus Ring can be connected to home appliances and other compatible gadgets as well.

What Ringly does?

The new US startup Ringly is a technical wearable and stylish accessory designed especially for females. Made for the solution of no more missing important calls and emails. With Ringly women no longer need to worry about notifications messages and emails. they received, even if their phones are packed in purses or bags wearers of Ringly are assured that missing an important incoming call and email is now impossible. 
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Design and features:

There are many wearable gadgets exists already but, in a form of pebble, smart watches and fitness band, firstly they are masculine wearable devices and secondly not everybody want to have such wrist and hand bands type gadgets, for those Ringly is a perfect choice. The hardware functionality is concealed inside of this ring that's why its not likely that wearer are being noticed that they are wearing such an advanced computing device.

All hardware Bluetooth LE radio, vibration motor, nice blinking LED, accelerometer, circuit board and a very small rechargeable battery hidden underneath the ring's stone. In spite of all this electronic components the exterior part of the ring is purely fashionable and attractive, Made with a gold-plated band with numerous semi-precious and precious gemstones they are in size 14x19 and in a rectangular-shaped form. Ringly launches with the availability of three different finger sizes, (6, 7, and 8) with a four brilliant gemstones color they are Stargaze, Wine bar, Day dreams, In to the woods commonly known as black onyx, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire,emerald.

And what left is that, Is Ringly has a water-resistant exterior? Of course, it has. But its recommended by ring's manufacturer that wearing it while washing hands is ok but, soaking it wet should be avoided as it may cause problems with ring. So that is to say wearers of this ring can't take it along with them when intending to go for swimming.

Pairing and Setting:

There are two ways by which you can choose to be notified. It's up to you how you like to be notified by two alert options. Firstly is flashing LED is tiny light blinks on very small stone that is on the side of a ring, or you may want a notification via a soft vibration (represented in dots) they are customizable and can be adjusted according to a user preferences. These dots indicates the times it buzzes means one dot is indicated for vibrate once, two for twice and same for other patters. Tweaking custom vibration patterns and setting colourful lights begin once Ringly is paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth low energy then through Ringly's Mobo app.Accelerometer lets you make sure that ring is connected with phone or not, just tap you finger in which you have worn ring against the thumb a blue light should be flashed to indicate ring is successfully paired with the smartphone. 

You can specify 4 different vibration patterns and 5 colours to be alerted for various incoming notifications from the popular social apps including Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Uber, Vine, Poshmark and Snapchat. Ringly will also alert user of  incoming calls and text as soon as user received.   Like if you set up vibrate once and then flash blue light twice you will be easily recognized that its notifying me for FB update. Personalize just blink red light thrice to know that your friend is calling, Or you can just set to buzz once or twice and no flashing at all. Its totally up to the wearer whichever method they pick to be alerted for different apps. 

In addition, it will also buzz whenever you have kept you phone at a distance of 15 to 2o feet away and if you left your phone behind it accidently or intentionally it will buzz to remind you of that. Isn't it a nice feature?  The battery backup depends on the usage. The amout of notifications a wearer receives. But according to the CEO of Ringly battery should be last 2 to 3 days before it needs to be dropped back into its accompanying box. You guys might be thinking that what I have said above? How can Ringly be recharged by putting it back in to its Carton? Yeah it's true, to get it charge place it back in to the box accompanied by Ringly and let it charge wirelessly in that way. 

Future goals ahead:

There are some more functionality yet to come in future CEO and co-founder of Ringly said that the next design will be a Silver plating ring. And team has many potentials features and applications there would be things like, gesture control, unlocking doors and easy mobile payment are going to be the next big thing.


  • Stylish feminine design that can be matched with casual and fancy outfits.
  • Notifies wearer in a discreet manner to get only a wearer attention people around won't even notice you're wearing a digital device.
  • Notifications from a wide range of social apps.
  • Range of different gemstones and finger sizes.
  • Easy wireless charging no plugging hassles.


  • Not entirely waterproof outer cover.


Ringly notifies wearer the way smart watches can't by Mydreamistechnology

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  1. [ Smiles ] It is rather unfortunate that this sort of technology was designed for women only. I am a guy and I wouldn't mind using this technology in the form of a masculine-looking ring.