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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bluetooth Ring gives complete control over smart devices

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You guys may have already seen the ring technology, that tell the time and send notifications and alerts when messages and emails received from the smartphones, But this ring has much more than just these features. Another smart wearable device in a form of adorable ring that can let you do pretty much everything.
Including the basic features that are what our previous post was about which was smarty ring but wait there is more advanced technology which is nice-looking as well as appliances and gadget controlling ring. Its basic to most advanced features essentially going to stun you by the creative ways they works.

Bluetooth Ring gives complete control over smart devices from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

How it works:

It works in a very simple and intuitive way by making smooth gestures in a flash.

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Advanced functions:

Control gadgets and appliances via gestures:

With this wonderful controlling feature you are ready to control your home appliances and apps via gestures. Comes with numerous pre-installed gestures but they are customizable. You can perform up to 1,000 gesture with a single charge as long as its battery doesn't ask for charging. Once charging is over it can be recharged by using its Battery stand that you will get along by this ring. No doubt that battery is rechargeable but once it stop working then you have to buy another brand new ring. The existing ring with its completely finished battery its no longer useful.

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Text Transmission:

Recognize the text drawn in mid air. again, through gesture movements. Like if you draw font A in air by moving your finger or performing gesture that is called letter recognition. For drawing letters precisely follow the (Ring font) tracing order. Well this function also enable users to send text messages to Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and some others too, just by easy gesture movements. These alphabetical symbols are adjustable means, you can make further tweaks or can configure your own custom symbols and gestures via companion app, and add in the ring font library to perform various tasks via different symbols gesturing. Furthermore other cool apps are available to be downloaded at Ring's App store.
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Receive/Alerts Feature:

Receive alerts via two different modes. Choose between the two given options. Get alerts and incoming transmissions either through built-in vibration mode or just enabling the pretty nice pinpoints LED lights.

hover_share LED-mode
hover_share Vibration-mode

Payment Gateways made easier:

Enabled with both direct payment either by connecting Ring via Bluetooth to Apple's iBeacon app to restaurant, retail stores and also you can make payments person-to-person. or using GPS location data. Both of the methods whether its Direct number payments, which is done by tracing numbers with your finger conveniently or by Gesturing a check-mark symbol in the mid air, that directs that dedicated app to begin payment session. So these two easiest and reliable procedures that brought bills payments solutions at your fingertips.
hover_share Payments-Gateways-Solution

Gesture recognition technology first time in Ring:

The gesture you make are recognized and identifies what each symbol is indicating to Ring to perform a certain task, As this is happened for the first time, that a ring can recognise and identifies the even small gesture being made. This Ring developer has made this G.R technology possible within a Ring.
hover_share Gesture-recognition-technology

Dedicated gestures for each application:

Specific gesture signals for accessing each app. Common and most used apps have preset gestures. And can be used anytime when need to trigger a specific app. Such as, drawing an envelop shape will take you to the e-mail section. Want to take a photo? Just trace camera mark in the air and here you go! ready to take a photoshoot. And same for playing the music by using the same gesture technique draw the music note and enjoy a music. Similarly writing TV in air will open up tv automatically. As you know now that Ring can be connected to any gadgets and devices. For instance, you draw a lamp in mid air which triggers your phone to connect with your lamp. Then drawing circle will turn on the lamp. But what if you want to adjust the lamp brightness it is possible too. Here's how it's done. For raising the brightness move you finger upward and for reducing move you finger back toward down and that's all. Everything with simple gesture movements
hover_share Gestures-for-applications

Connecting with other gadgets:

Pairing Ring with other devices and appliances is possible, only then when the device you are connecting with  has the compatibilty with the Ring's software. Which is called direct pairing by Ring's developers.

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Another way to connecting up with other gadgets is by using routing Hub pairing device. That enables wearer to send an infrared or Wifi signals to any compatible devices or home appliances. Which means it let's you set up a connection between Ring to compatible device.   

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Technical specs:

    hover_share Technical-specs
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery
  • Motion Sensors
  • Vibration
  • LED
  • Touch Sensor

Ring is compatible with following devices:

・iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (iOS7 or higher ver) 
 ・Android (ver 4.4 or higher ver) 
 ・Windows Phone (coming soon) 
 ・Ring Hub (coming soon)
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  • Have more advanced features than any other similar rings.
  • Gesture recognition technology first time in a Ring.
  • Allow other gadgets and appliances connectivity.
  • Compact, sleek and fashionable design.


  • The major defect found in this Ring is that its not waterproof. So you have to be conscious, not to have it worn while staying in the rain or washing hands. 
  • Said to give a great battery backup. Its battery is rechargeable but not replaceable. Means once battery stop running,Ring becomes worthless. You have to repurchase a brand new Ring .

Bluetooth Ring gives complete control over smart devices from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

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