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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ringly notifies wearer the way smartwatch can't

hover_share Ringly-better-notifier-than-smartwatch
Ringly the new revolution in the field of wearable technology. Its another brilliant looking Ring that is both fashionable and high-tech wearable But this one is mainly designed for women only. You have seen there have been many wearable devices unveiled. Many of them are in unisex form. But not all these techy devices suits women. So the CEO and co-founder of Ringly Christina Mercando throw the idea of bringing important calls and messages notifications at your finger ring. She and their co-workers have designed Ringly particularly for ladies. Now ladies you no longer get a tension of missing your important calls and texts that you had to, because at that moment their bulky smart phones was laying in the bottom of your bag and what is frustrating yo. That's was the situation that the developers of Ringly kept in mind while developing this to sort out the problem. This amazingly problem solving designed Ringly is a blended of both fashion and technology. Not only look wise elegant but very feature able and useful too.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Google Glass Review And Specs


The most awaited wearable project has now released and unveiled by the most renowned company Google. Augmented reality display in a smart eyewear that is Google Glass. What features and specs glass has read on to find out. A hands on review with video presentation.