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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Google technology future plans

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Google the most popular, famous and the world's best search engines. As everyone knows about google's features and updates, what google does and how much google have for us? It is known that google keeps updating it's features and properties but, what about future?
how google would be, what improvements and enhancements will be done in order to make google more advanced and modern. Many folks are having these questions playing in their minds. So here we have brought you the plans and projects of google which are being developed. technology of google for the future are in progress. Google's researchers and developers are engaged with future upgradations of google. Some of the brilliant projects of google are mentioned here they are,

Google technology future plans from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

Google's Home Automation:

Google's home automation plan, which is going to make everything of electricity convenient, Robots project will be the biggest time and human energy savers, all human duties will be done by those smart robots,

Google's Driverless Car:

The driverless car program which will require no driver to drive a car instead, a car itself will run.

Elevators to space:

Elevators to space are another marvellous project of google technology that will make traveling from earth to space a lot easier than the existing ways used these days.

Clean energy:

Clean energy the name itself representing that the system of energy supplementing would explore some creative new ways of energy sources like, wind, solar and geothermal power.

Cure of cancer:

Google is also keen to make new drugs for fighting disease by diagnosing them quickly and reliably, Cancer treatment will also be done in an engineering way.

Future predictions:

And the last but not the least the project of google predicting the future, Google company is also working on the project of future prediction. The video we are presenting here is for those who want to know about the future of google.

Google technology future plans by Mydreamistechnology

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