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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Google Glass Review And Specs


The most awaited wearable project has now released and unveiled by the most renowned company Google. Augmented reality display in a smart eyewear that is Google Glass. What features and specs glass has read on to find out. A hands on review with video presentation.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is the most awaited phenomenal tech project developed and invented by Google. Google technology Glass is a sort of  prototype wearable computing device. Means it's something smartphones-like smart eye wear. Its vision head-mounted display let your hands-free from the kind of holding tablets and smartphone in hands. It has the Compatibility with Android operating system.

Google glass specs and review from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

What features and specs Google Glass has?

Google Glass delivered information to a wearer via its hands-free format. Means straight toward your eyesight. Comes with smart features and technical specs such as, It makes phone calls , wearer can send or get text messages or e-mails, snapping a photoshoot or capturing a scene is actually a reality with Google Glass. Wearers of Google Glass can communicate with the online world .That is to say, You can get every updates or news feeds from social networking in front of  your eyesight. Has the ability of telling accurate time and keep you updating with the current weather condition. The news headlines form top sites including New York Time, CNN, and Mashable will be straight available to view at your head-set display. All the functions described above only perform over internet connectivity or Wi-Fi capability. Being offline only let's wearer perform this discreet functions like, taking photos or video recording. While connecting with Wi-Fi one can share those earlier made and taken photos and videos online to friends and family. Voice command gives you complete control over typing text messages or searching something on Google, just via speaking, And it will turn your spoken words into written text.

What Google Glass does for wearer?

Here are all the smart functions of Google Glass. I have demonstrated each and every tech specs in an in-depth format read on to dive yourself into the what is each features designed for or how can one use a single option to perform various task without hassles.

Design and Display :

The design of Google Glass is very decent and funky. Wearing Glass is a sort of bringing a larger and multi-touch computer screen in front of your vision.  The titanium frame of Glass is bendable and fits to most of the face and head shapes or sizes. Just have to spend a few seconds on fitting it to the right spot. The tiny nose pads are also adjustable that can be bent and adjusted for different shapes and sizes. Here on the same right side you will see a transparent prism. That's all through which it will bring a floating Augmented Reality Display straight ahead of your sight.

There are two primary ways by which you can command over this device one is by hands-free method voice commands and another is by swiping and tapping on that Trackpad which is on the right side too.  All the electronic components and are kept hidden behind the rectangular curved plastic bar located on the right side of the Glass contains all the internal parts and hardware. Although all the equipments like projector, 5 mega-pixel camera, bone-conduction audio speaker, battery and microphone are on the right side but still Glass remain balanced. But I have seen some people saying, that when they wear they feel it is a bit lopsided, that is to say that since they have all the hardware weight located on the on right side it feels a bit down from the right side.Google Glass are claimed to be lighter in weight than the usual pair of glasses. Means aid you getting the more comfortable experience of enjoying Google Glass.

The Google Glass is 5.25 inches wide and 8 inches in length. So it becomes a headache to carry it along with you. It can't be kept in an ordinary or normal sized pockets and hand bags that you usually carry with yourself and also glass can't be folded to become compact. Well don't worry about this headache because Google provides a larger protective cloth pouch with its package for keeping glass securely inside the pouch. Like every electronic machine or tool has some ports for connecting via USB cable or for charging and buttons of turning power off and on, Glass has its own unique dedicated buttons too. There is dedicated both camera button located on the top of the right side to catch a still just hit it once and hold it down for capturing a 720p resolution video by default or say ok glass "record a video".

Camera and Video:

Google Glass not only lets wearer capture images just via pushing the button but also in two exciting ways you can use as an alternate option. As I aforementioned, Firstly wearers can snap a shot just clicking on the shutter release button, Two of the functions are for hands-free photography.

Secondly since Glass is voice recognition technology that means by voice command taking potshots is a reality. Say Ok Glass "take a picture" and that's it. Speech controlling is the easiest and best feature of the Google Glass. 

And now finally another way can be used to capture a moment immediately in a noisy environment is by enabling the "Wink function". Once enabled just wink your right eye, means shut and then open your eye quickly and whatever you are seeing at that moment would become a still shot in a flash. Even if your hands are engaged with other activities. If you're an addictive socializer then there is a smart option that may come in handy. Once shots are taken they are just a tap away to be shared instantly on platforms Including, Google Hangouts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. And if you like you can keep your pictures private in Glass+ library by configuring the settings for sending each picture you take automatically to this secure private folder. Or you can copy them to back them up in your PC with USB cable connectivity.

The camera takes photos of 5-megapixel. Not super-sharp image quality and high resolution compared to the photographs taken by smartphone. but simply good for capturing every single moment that matters to be saved in memory. Preferably if photos are taken in flashing bright light places, But if shots are captured in an area with poor light conditions results can't be expected to be bright and sharp quality images.

But be careful, As Glass record and detect every single gestures and movement of your facial so it will also captures photos every time you blink your eye. But this annoying function can be disabled if desired to stop stuffing your picture memory with some unexpected and unwanted photos without even knowing.

Keep in touch:

Want to share your day to day experience and adventures with the social sites? or interested to know what are others sharing and updating their status on social media such as Google+, facebook, Youtube, and twitter is . Social interaction is the instant task you can perform with Google Glass.

Apps And Glassware:

Glassware and third-party apps additions make Glass experience more advanced and feature able. These additional enhancements can be found on Glassware app portal. Simply install your favorite one and enjoy using. 

Search anything, anytime, anywhere:

Search on Google whatever is playing in your mind. Whether you are at office or on a trip anywhere in the world. Ensure you have Google Glass and then What , where doesn't matter. Suppose you are in a foreign country and you are not aware of the culture and language spoken there. Don't panic Google Now search will help you out in this situation. Find out a specific phrase or the directions you don't know about instantly and easily just by speaking.For example: Say Ok Glass How to introduce yourself in Thai language? And then Google would bring resources for you to pick a way of introducing yourself from relative searches found.

Word lens Translator:

Understand the written road signals and sign board or anything you are coming across and don't know what it's mean? Google useful app developed by third-party. Word lens won't get you in trouble. Find out what something means by saying Ok Glass translate this. Visually translate printed words in English to from available few languages. including, Portuguese, German, Italian, French and Spanish. It's really quick and easy.

Allthecooks And Kitch me app:

Bored with the regular dishes at meal time. Find a new your favorite and top searched recipes through Allthecooks and Kitch me app, Even if your hands are busy with other tasking. Just say Ok glass find a recipe for cheesy pasta then it will bring the recipe with all the information of servings, ingredients and cooking direction too. Simple procedure for searching a recipe is, Speak to find a recipe you want, Swipe to view search queries, Tap to pick your desired one. Check out ingredients right ahead of your sight, and finally hear the steps to spice up your dinner and share your recipe online. 

Evernote app:

Have something in mind that you may think will forget later. Then without wasting time immediately speak out and save it to Evernote app. Maybe your Grocery and shopping list or a to-do list, whatever organize it and review later on when needed.

Battery backup:

Google claims that battery last one day of typical use. But obviously using the intensive and advanced feature will wipe battery out more quickly than just using it for less power consumption. The higher number of feature you use the sooner you will have to recharge it for next use. Try using video calls and video recording minimum, for a around 4-5 hours lasting battery backup. Max two hours of charging will give your battery a new full power to use again.

Google glass specs and review by Mydreamistechnology

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