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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Smarty ring elegant wearable gadget

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There have been many gadgets released and launched. Even several tech gadgets are still expected to come in markets. This developing process is in progress and certainly will continue in the future as well.
But as soon as a new gadget enters to market it starts to get popularity quickly because, in the modern era of internet advertisement nothing can stay behind or out of sight from this wonderful internet. So as I'm an internet researcher and explorer. I came across with another trendy, Awesome and fashionable plus, usable gadget that is a renowned Smart ring. A wonderful invention that is portable and feature able. Now the fashion with smart functionality. The features of this smarty ring are definitely going to amaze you. You no more need to keep smart phone in your pockets and carry in your hands to stay in touch with the world. Now an attractive little and decent finger ring can serve the purpose almost similarly compared to smart phones.

Bluetooth 4.0:

With it's Bluetooth 4.0 technology you can never miss the real time updates. Keep in updates like, incoming and outgoing call notifications, Notifies you when E-mails and text messages received. plus you get real time updates and happenings from your social areas, Such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Hangouts.

Remote control:

Remote controls capability allows you to access your phone without touching or tapping on it. That is to say, Call is coming, no worry! you can answer it or reject it with smarty ring. Also, outgoing calls can me made by choosing the preset numbers. Trigger smartphone camera, control music and customize your profile the way you want.

Track your phone:

It's tracking phone mode I must say very useful feature. By this function chances are so less that ever you lost your phone or forget it anywhere. even if so happens, not to worry, Smart ring has resolved that issue too. Beeps even if you are standing more than 30 feet away from your phone. If you have lost your phone in the crowd. The smart ring protective feature will allows you to send alerts on your smart phone. It's notifying sound goes off no matter your phone is on silent mode it will even alerts you.

Easy wireless charging:

With the capability of 3 years battery life that last up to 24 hours. It doesn't come with charger worries. Both smart phone and smarty ring can be charged wirelessly by placing them over the charger kit and that's it. No additional plugins required.

Decent exterior:

Something about it's exterior design and look, This allergy free stainless material made ring is suitable for both women and men. At any occasion. Currently, available in two LED color Blue and Green. Well it's not only looks fab when worn in finger, but also make phone activities easier to manage.

Waterproof cover:

Its water proof delicate outer cover can let you take it with you wherever you want. Enjoy during rain or have fun while swimming at the same time tasking.

Alternative watch as a ring:

And finally Last but not the least, If you don't like wearing watch or you consider it a hassles then, no doubt it's perfect alternative watch for you. Not just clock enabled, but a stop watch and countdown timer too. Smarty ring enables users to connect it with smart phones in an intuitive way.

Interactive app and Sync facility:

A user-friendly app lets you manage and adjust your smart phone via smarty ring. Plus compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 - nRF51822
  • Measurements - 13mm Wide and 4mm Thickness.
  • Flexible Battery - 22 maH.
  • Surgical stainless steel body   

Smarty ring elegant wearable gadget by Mydreamistechnology Smarty ring elegant wearable gadget from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

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