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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Space glasses with augmented reality technology

Meta space glasses the augmented reality technology company has beaten the Google glasses in terms of features and availability of 3D and virtual designing. In a format of eyewear computer with the interactive 3d environment around you. Now anyone can be a creative designer with Meta's ZeroUI technology enables the wearer to shape up objects virtually in real-time 3D space.

Meta pro goggles a project developed by the creative engineers and designers. The team includes Meron Gribetz (Chief executive officer), Ben Sand (Cheif operating officer), Raymond lo (Chief technical officer), Prof. Steve Mann (Chief Scientist), Prof. Steven Feiner (Lead Advisor ), Jayse Hansen (Creative Director). Gribetz CEO and cofounder of meta says: that these advanced and modern technologies has been seen only in reel-life like "Ironman" and"Avatar" similarly other such movies, but the space glasses brings those screen seen technology availability into an exciting wearable glasses in real-life atmosphere.

Meran Gribetz says that I think that these existing physical computing devices, Such as laptops, tablet, and mobiles will soon no longer be useful when we have this AR technology in a shape of somewhat like eye-worn computer.

Once you have worn space glasses you're in the world of augmented reality with 3D audio sound and environment surrounding you. Where you can send email to friends without having a physical keyboard in hands for typing, Play a virtual three-dimensional interactive chess game with another space glass wearer. Playing a shooter video game with another meta's users, Enables players become a real life shooter. literally It seems everything is real around you despite it's not actually. Or having some creative visual ideas in your mind turn them into reality with built-in ZeroUI technology enables wearer to sculpt any kind of illustration whether a vase a beautiful showpiece or anything you're thinking of. And once object created you're now just a step away from your 3d printer to make your sculpted object alive in reality.

The CEO and Co-founder Gribetz said that the next-generation would be enjoying the capabilities of 3D glasses in a far more compact design and finally these technologies would be shrunk into a contact lens, And finally become a inside part of a human brain and would be fit behind the optic nerve.

Space glasses with augmented reality technology from MyDreamIsTechnology on Vimeo.

Space glasses with augmented reality technology by Mydreamistechnology

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