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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Multi-touch computer of future

hover_share Multi-touch-computer
Multi-touch computer is the future of computing. Now a days we all guys rely on these normal systems with a slim and wide L.C.D. a desktop or tower machine and for typing and clicking purpose obviously everybody uses a bulky mouse and a large space taking keyboard on which keep typing makes you hands tired.
And pushing and holding plus moving the mouse here and there is a very tiring and boring way of computing these days. Many people have a laptop with them for doing tasks and operation on the go. But in future we will no more in need of all of these equipments to work on a computer. no keyboard, no mouse, and even no desktop or system nothing at all, What we have near us is that a large mirror size transparent H.D Touch screen on which all of our tasks including the clickings, typings, and also drawing and painting will become an enjoyable, easy to carry anywhere plus no clutter around your computer table. That Multi-Touch input computer will let us do everything with single touching or taping, this all in one, fully featured and the most advanced technology innovation will make everything on a digital screen the fastest and easiest thing to do and make. So we Know that we does not have this wonderful creation in hand right now but we can view t on screen and at least have fun, so why not have a look at the video clip below.

Multi-touch input computer interface coming in... by Mydreamistechnology


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